■■■■ 国際交流のための外国人と日本人のボランティアさんも募集!!! ■■■■
* We want to provide the interesting camp and save children’s lives. Could you assist us?
* Lots of special activities such as Crawling relay, Escape game, Risks Quiz Battle.
* Lots of new things, not only for children but for you.
* You can make friends with Japanese and Foreign students andworkers*
■Receiver’s E-mail address
PC :
■■■■  外国人&日本人ボランティアさんを募集!!! ■■■
■the purpose
Through this camp,
we want the childrens to learn about “Disaster prevention”, “How to protect life” while having fun.
we want the childrens to experience the multicultural interaction and cultural exchange.
■Please share this information with your friends■
★Video Clip from Past Camp★
* This movie is
* the day we will To hold the event in “Disaster prevention” version In the gym.

* Camp Participation Fee: FREE Lunch and drinks will be provided for by our organization.
* Transportation between your house and our meeting location will not be provided.


People from foreign countries (People other than students is also welcome) .

Those who can speak English on a daily level (Native Speaking Level is NOT required)

Those who enjoy interacting with children

Those who enjoy cultural exchange

Those who can travel to the meeting place themselves 

* You do NOT need to be able to speak Japanese!

Number of recruiting people

*We will end the recruitment when we get full seats.

How to Register

Please fill in this Application Form!Thats all.

You can apply on same time.

You can find Tokyo Areaand prefer days!Check it .

<<Benefits of Participating in the English Camp>>

You will be able to interact and make connections with Japanese and foreign students and workers!

Your participation will benefit recovery efforts in the Tohoku Regions affected by the 2011 Natural Disasters

Your participation will benefit efforts to encourage internationalization of children

Your participation will encourage children to learn and interact with English 

★★★ Application Process :

Please use the application form below to join our camp


1) Please do not apply if you cannot commit to the camp date.

(WARNING 2) This is the application form for FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS.

If you have any question,please contact me:)

Staff: Phone number: 090-6684-9696

Mail address:

■Number of recruiting people 20people*We will close the recruitment when we get full seats.

■Details of Volunteering

3080 elementary school students will be divided into 25 groups. 

Each group will consist of 1020 students, 1 Japanese leader, and 4-5 international students.

The international students job is to entertain the children by speaking English.

1)Support the Japanese leader in the group.
2)Look after the students and insure their safety.
3)Play with children so they will have fun.
4)Speak with children by English as much as possible.

■Camp Details

Indoor Games using English
Workshops for Disaster prevention and Cultural Exchange 
Photo Opportunities with Children and Other Volunteers

■Organizing Authority


Childrens Disaster Prevention AssociationTO INCREASE CHILDREN TO SURVIVE FOR 72 HOURS.

■■■ ご興味を持ちそうなご友人にもシェアをご協力ください ■■■

<< キャンプに参加する日本人ボランティア募集概要 >>

★★★ 参加特典 ★★★

(1) 外国人ボランティアさんや他大学や社会人の日本人のお友だちがたくさんできます!

(2) 食費と活動費はすべて無償です(一切、お金はかかりません)。

(3) 思い出の写真がいっぱい!

(4) 皆さんの参加が

 ★ 未来のこどもたちの“いのち”を守ります。
 ★ 復興をサポートすることになります。
 ★ こどもたちの国際交流・多文化共生の促進の一助になります。
【主催者】  「こども防災協会」 ~いざという時、生きのびる(72時間)こどもを増やす~

申込方法 ■■






■■ デイキャンプ参加費 無料■■





《キャンプの目的》 「生きのびる」 



After 311 disaster, we started volunteer activities and the parts of us are sufferer.Some of our family died by the disaster. We dont want anybody to be kept sad and heartbroken with losing the precious.It is also difficult for adult to judge and action with disaster. Children dont learn with boring lessons. We want to provide the interesting camp and save childrens lives.Could you assist us?■Volunteer RequirementsThose who can stay for the day , from 8:00 AM to 18:00 PM of the day camp.

■■ ボランティアご参加の条件 ■■









■■ デイキャンプの内容 ■■







■■ ボランティアの内容 ■■





(1) リーダーとしてグループをまとめていただきます

(2) 当スタッフからの伝達をしっかりとグループの留学生や小学生にお伝えください

(3) 留学生と一緒にこどもたちを見守り、安全にご配慮いただきます

(4) こどもたちに英語と日本語で話しかけてコミュニケーションをとっていただきます

(5) 何より、こどもたちと一緒に楽しくあそんでください!!!

<< 「こども防災&イングリッシュキャンプ」とは? >>





■■ 事業の関連UR L ■■




●○●About our Organization●○●

Organizing Authority】こども防災協会Childrens Disaster Prevention Association



The objective of the camp: Stay alive

What will be the achievement of this camp: The percentage to survive increases than before coming to the camp.

*There are many things we need to learn about life. A single day camp cannot make sure your survival. But still, we want to increase the probability to stay alive.

◎ミッション いざという時、生きのびる(72時間)こどもを増やす 「いつ」、「どこで」、「ひとりでいても」。 こどもが自分で自分のいのちを守るために、 具体的に「判断」「行動」する力を育む 

Our mission: Increase the number of children who can survive under emergency situation for 72 hours, in any place, any time and even alone. To achieve this, bring up their skill to decide and take proper behavior.

◎ビジョン すべてのこどもが、“いのち”の教育を受けられる社会へ 日本・世界の全てのこどもたちに、 災害時に“いのち”を守るための教育が届いている社会をつくる

Our vision: Every child can have opportunity to learn about life. Children in Japan and all over the world can have access to education about surviving from natural disaster.

A Disaster-prone Country

Japan is located in the Circum-Paci c Mobile Belt where seismic and volcanic activities occur constantly. Although the country covers only 0.25% of the land area on the planet, the number of earthquakes and active volcanoes is quite high.

In addition, because of geographical, topographical and meteorological conditions, the country is subject to frequent natural disasters such as typhoons, torrential rains and heavy snowfalls, as well as earthquakes and tsunami.


<<Contact information>>
「こども防災協会」KODOMO BOSAI Association

 [関東拠点] 160-0015 東京都新宿区大京町10

 [事務局]TEL090-6684-9696 FAX03-5539-4217